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We finally did it! A Jesus Booth Ministries, Inc. Blog page. We hope this will be a better, more efficient way of keeping you all updated. So, here we go… 2008 WAS FILLED WITH MANY NEW EXPERIENCES/EVENTS… * JESUS BOOTH MINISTRIES ALVA, SCOTLAND SEPTEMBER, 2008 Alva Illuminations: David Fraser took out the booth and a […]

We finally did it! A Jesus Booth Ministries, Inc. Blog page. We hope this will be a better, more efficient way of keeping you all updated. So, here we go…



Alva Illuminations: David Fraser took out the booth and a Puppet of Joseph to the Alva Glen Illuminations in Alva, Scotland. This fun family fair is a community gathering where they light up the cleft in the rock caused by Alva Burn ( a freshwater stream that cuts through the Mighty Ochil Hills and flows on through the town. We preached the Gospel at the headwaters to the town, literally!

With LCI in Stirling: Alva Baptist Church teamed up with Life Connections International to reach out to the community in nearby Stirling. Jesus Booth is such a compatible means for reaching out to people; because it represents an invitation to a conversation rather than some ‘Christian’ intruding with an agenda.
We know that others share our zeal for the Lord and have effective methods to reach the lost. But the Scots really warmed up to this presence of the body of Christ and saw us as a public service. The booth declares the gospel by its very presence and the demeanour of the occupant. Then when we get to give an answer for the hope that we have, that’s just so much more dear. People are truly hungry for the truth. What great fishing!
Thank you Nathan and Celia. Love, Dave

Please continue to pray for the Frasers and all that God is doing in Scotland. Here is a link to their blog for updates.


It was an awesome experience that was life changing. She was part of a team of 16 that went with 4-HIM ministries She took part in several medical clinics. The team provided medical assistance and prayer to the people in the villages and amputee camps they visited. There is such a need for medical assistance in these villages and camps because they have no way to get to a hospital or even a doctor. And if they are fortunate enough to see a doctor, they usually cannot afford the medication.

She and the team also stayed with the children at the Wellington Orphanage. It was an amazing time of getting to know the children and God knitting their hearts together. The children are amazing! They love the Lord and are an encouragement to all they come in contact with. At times, you think you are going there to minister to them, yet they are the ones ministering to the missionaries. The Gunn family looks forward to the day they can return to Sierra Leone, Africa.

A big thank you to all of those that gave generously so that Sally could go on this mission trip! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


We have been so blessed, because in 2008, we were able to bring on M.S. as the Evangelism Director of Jesus Booth Ministries in West Africa. We are still praising the Lord about that. Also, at the end of 2008, Sally was able to meet M.S. and his wife on the mission trip that is mentioned above. While there, she was able to discuss the needs for Jesus Booth Ministries, West Africa with M.S. and what their specific needs are. Sally was also able to see and experience for herself what their needs are.

This was the first Jesus Booth with the banner in Spanish. I hope to give you an update soon, hopefully in the next newsletter.

We continue to set up in downtown OKC~Bricktown every Saturday night. Except for Winter, which is a season of prayer.

* 2009

As we begin 2009, we will be focusing on raising money for Jesus Booth Ministries, West Africa.

M.S. provided us with a detailed report of their activities, challenges and needs. I am posting excerpts from the report below:

The expected result of this ministry is to show that there is one body and one spirit, just as there is one hope to which God has called us, and there is one faith, one baptism, there is one God and the father of all. We have been saved, so we need to pass the message to each and every one so that the kingdom of heaven will rejoice.

* We evangelize with the Jesus Booth
* We teach them how to build a Jesus Booth
* We train them how to use the Evangecube

We did all these activities for them to train others for the spreading of the Gospel.

* Lack of Materials ~(a)We need more Jesus Booth’s
(b)Transportation and lunch
(c) Video camera or camera
(d) Insufficient Tracts

(a)More Jesus Booths needed~I have trained several people in relation to the Jesus Booth but there is no sufficient Booth. So we need more Jesus Booths to spread the Word of God.
(b)Transportation and lunch~Public transportation are too expensive and I can not get to my destination on time and I spend lots of money on public transportation and I waste more time and spend more time on public transportation.
(c)Video Camera or camera~Video camera can help me show the life events of things that have been done during the Jesus Booth Evangelism and we can then send it all to you. For the camera, we can use it to take pictures of those that have accepted Christ as their personal Savior.

(d)Insufficient Tracts~After evangelising to people and leading them to Christ, we give them tracts to go home with them and they are not sufficient, we need more.


I recommend that all these challenges are to be fulfilled so that people can get more willingness to do this work for the success of the ministry. I recommend that you help the guys that volunteer and are working along side me, so they too can be motivated to do the work.

Future Plans:

In the future I would like to form a team to go round the country and spend a week or two on evangelism just to win souls for Christ and this will mean transportation and lunch. I would like this to be in your prayers, we need a car or whatever can be provided. ~ M.S.

FYI: I have to mention that M.S. wrote this all by hand. It was such a nice outline. My computer typed letters do not even compare to his handwritten letter. It probably took him most of the day to get it down on paper. I share this to let you know that providing him with a computer was one of the needs. Well…God answered that one right away. Thank you so much to those that helped with the computer and getting it all set up for him. You know who you are and thank you for allowing God to use you in a big way!

We ask for your prayers in regards to the needs of M.S. and Jesus Booth Ministries, West Africa. It can seem overwhelming at times to look at all the needs, but we serve a big God, where nothing is impossible with the Lord. Our hope and prayer is to raise $4800.00 annually to cover salary, new booths, transportation and meals.

We are also trying to raise money for M.S. to buy a vehicle and a video camera that connects easily to his computer to upload videos and pics. This would be separate from the amount listed above. Again, we ask for your prayers.

There was an article in the Timesonline that was e-mailed to us in regards to Africa. We wanted to share it with you all.

We look forward to what the Lord has in store for Jesus Booth Ministries in 2009. If it is anything like 2008 and the years prior, then we better hold on tight. 🙂 We have been in awe of all that He has done. Our God is an awesome God!

In closing, please keep us in your prayers. If you feel led to support us financially, would like to be put on our mailing list or would like to request additional information, you can contact us with the information listed below.

Jesus Booth Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 13343
Oklahoma City, OK 73113
Tel: 405*413*0038
We thank you so much for all your support and prayers! Lord bless you!

Nathan Gunn

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